Site Security Assessment

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The use of Security Cameras, commonly referred to as “Closed Circuit Television Camera” (CCTV) systems has become an important part of a comprehensive security solution and is a crime prevention tactic for many businesses and homeowners. However, if a camera is not properly positioned or is not functioning correctly, this proactive security measure is wasted.


Proper placement of the NVR server (Recording Device) should be based on the risks identified through a comprehensive Security Assessment and Site Survey, as well as any insights gained from prior security challenges.

The proper placement and exact number of Security Cameras and their respective “scopes of view” should be properly documented, continually evaluated, and updated by you or your designated Security Team during yearly facility assessments. Cameras must be installed in areas where they cannot be tampered with and in such a way so the view is not obstructed.

If you employ a Security Team, their input should be a vital in assisting with recommendations for camera placement. They should be in charge of monitoring the system and ensuring it is operating correctly.

Survey Team

If you are an independent Business Owner or a Homeowner, you must rely heavily on the assessment provided by Industry Professionals like us.
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Under all circumstances your security cameras should cover the following areas:

  • Entrances & Exits – Include exterior views of all entrances and exits. Businesses should consider additional camera coverage for both interior and exterior views of doorways, delivery points and loading docks.
  • Parking areas – Include your garage. Your security gates must also have a clear view of ingress and egress. Also include garage stairwells and dimly lit areas. Our infrared cameras provide excellent view in complete darkness.
    Waiting areas – Any location where people congregate should have coverage. This is not limited to indoors.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) – Be sure to include Cash Register terminals. Places where money changes hands are considered ‘high risk’ areas. Having a video record of every transaction can be helpful even if only to review a simple administrative discrepancy. When the area is unattended, the camera is still watching.
  • Other Areas – Be sure to include anywhere security is posted, money is stored, or expensive equipment is located.

Testing Security Camera