Camera Choices

IP Cameras

Simple IP Camera Diagram

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, utilize computer networking to transmit video data. IP cameras are able to connect to the Internet for remote control and viewing. Some models are capable of recording footage onto a microUSB card or external storage device, while others can be configured to save images to the Cloud. IP cameras are suitable for all types of use ranging from corporate and government buildings, to retail and residential.

IP cameras for home use are not something new. However, until recently, complicated setup requiring networking expertise to set up and operate these more sophisticated cameras was necessary.

Some of the new IP Cameras look like webcams. The option to transmit video from some IP Cameras over a secure wireless home network is possible with some models. This limits the need to install dedicated Ethernet wiring, but most of these cameras will need a dedicated power source nearby. (Until battery technology gets better, there are not many battery powered models on the market).

Are you ready to fortify your home or business? We have a wide variety of IP cameras available.


HD-TVI Cameras

HD TVI Camera Connection Diagram

HD security cameras use HD-TVI technology to deliver image quality that is far superior to traditional analog CCTV. HD cameras are a cost-effective video surveillance solution that are easy to install and integrate with existing CCTV systems. If you need 1080p high-definition video resolution without running an IP network, HD-TVI is the answer. HD-TVI technology delivers detailed, high-definition images with no compression artifacts or transmission-related delays.


When compared with IP cameras, HD cameras reduce setup costs by using existing coaxial cabling. If you have additional budget constraints, hybrid HD surveillance systems allow you to use existing analog cameras with the ability to add new HD cameras as your budget allows. HD security means no networking issues during setup and operation. Operating in a networked environment is challenging for the end-user with limited knowledge; HD-TVI security allows you to install high-definition surveillance with no special skills.